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Chess Of The Wind: 4K Restoration

Recently restored in 4K and brought back from dusty obscurity into the warmth of positive critical light, Iran’s Chess of the Wind is a can’t miss experience of Persian filmmaking.

After an affluent woman of high standing dies, chaos ensues as those who feel entitled to a piece of her substantial wealth and estate enact Machiavellian tactics and deceit. As the film progresses, elements of the gothic and surreal dissolve into the already tense plot, creating an uncanny atmosphere and unforgettable mood.

Writer-director Mohammad Reza Aslani opens the minds of western audiences to his once-lost film, giving an artistic slice of Iranian society and culture rarely seen outside that country.  

“We are quite lucky that ‘Chess Game of the Wind’ eventually reemerged, not just due to its immense quality as a movie, but also as a testament to the progressiveness of the pro-Revolution Iranian cinema.” – Panos Kozathanathis, Asian Movie Pulse

“If the allegorical implications of the plot are somewhat obvious, the ways in which The Chess Game of the Wind utilizes small, devious details to achieve this goal are anything but.” – Glenn Heath Jr., The Film Stage

“A grand guignol of… shattered glass, double-crosses, piled-up corpses and sexual betrayal.” – Sarah Manvel,