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Color Out of Space

Color Out of Space poster

Fans of HP Lovecraft rejoice: director Richard Stanley is bringing one of the horror writer’s greatest stories to the big screen with Color Out of Space!

Starring Mandy‘s very own Nicolas Cage, the film follows a family that relocates to a remote area for peace and quiet. When a meteorite crashes nearby however, strange plants start appearing and the family members start to notice a color they have never seen before.

Based on source material that’s been cited as an inspiration on everything from The Blob to Stephen King, Color Out of Space is sure to mix B-movie pulp with neon-drenched existential horror.

“Full-bore, glorious B-movie Cage: Cranked up to 11, spattered with gore and bellowing about alpacas.” – Sara Stewart, New York Post

“Definitely worth seeing on a big screen with a big crowd. Funny, entertaining, grotesque and both looks and sounds beautiful.” – Fiona Underhill, Jump Cut Online

“Color Out of Space is a vivid nightmare…Stanley beautifully blends science fiction and body horror.” – Kate Sanchez, But Why Tho? News

Color Out of Space
Color Out of Space.