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Come and See

Soviet September continues with Come and See, an unforgettable plunge into the abyss of warfare from Elem Klimov.

Young Flyora (fearlessly performed by Aleksei Kravchenko) awaits his recruitment into the Soviet partisan forces in the midst of Nazi occupation in Belarus. Exuding a childlike eagerness to step away from his family life and into the reckless sensation of combat, Flyora is suddenly thrown into the trenches of the most unfathomable kind of horror. With nowhere and no one else to return to, he is left with no choice but to tread onward through lands obliterated by death and war. We see it all through Flyora’s eyes; the destruction, the slaughter, and finally, the transformation he undergoes in its aftermath.

Crafted in a style that walks a firm line between dream and nightmare, Come and See has been considered one of the finest Russian films ever made, with an ending that ranks amongst cinema’s most viscerally powerful.

The Frida Cinema is proud to partner with our friends at South East European Film Festival (SEEFest) to present Soviet September, a series of nine acclaimed films representing six decades of cinema from the former Soviet Union (1922 – 1991).  


“This is a film that argues for and thoroughly understands the urgent, present-tense, shifting surreality of war. It is not merely a narrative reimagining of that experience.” – K. Austin Collins, Vanity Fair

“I have rarely seen a film more ruthless in its depiction of human evil.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

“In Klimov’s unshakable vision, death is casual, safety is impossible and beauty is backwards: this is peerlessly gorgeous filmmaking about absolute ugliness.” – Adam Nayman, eye Weekly