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Our month long retrospective of the work of Arnold Schwarzenegger begins with the quintessential ’80s action classic, Commando. A non-stop ride of bullets, explosions, and flexing muscles, it is an essential part of any collection of Arnie flicks.

Schwarzenegger plays John Matrix, a retired special forces colonel just trying to live a normal life with his daughter Jenny (Alyssa Milano). When members of his old unit start turning up dead, he gets drafted into a war of vengeance by a deposed South American dictator who kidnaps his daughter. Joining him in his quest is Cindy (Rae Dawn Chong), an off-duty flight attendant who gets roped into helping Matrix pick off those responsible. Check your brain in at the door for this over-the-top action classic where heroes are shirtless, guns never need reloading, and no kill is complete without a witty line!

An audacious comic-book movie on steroids . . . cinematic junk food, but even a dieter deserves to cheat once in a while. “ — Peter Canavese, Groucho Reviews

“One of the best arguments available for the action movie as pure entertainment” — Pete Coatto,

“The greatest guilty pleasure in the history of cinema.” — Bill Clark, FromTheBalcony