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Conan the Barbarian

Let us tell you of the days of high adventure with Conan the Barbarian, the original action-packed epic that took Arnold Schwarzenegger from bodybuilder to movie star! A fantasy-adventure based loosely off of the stories written by Robert E. Howard, Conan the Barbarian was a box office hit thanks to direction from John Milius, writing from Oliver Stone, and a memorable performance from the future “king of action movies.”

In a world prehistoric and savage, raged Conan the Barbarian (Arnold Schwarzenegger), orphaned and captured as a child after his parents were murdered in a massacre. Enslaved by the murderous cult master, Thulsa Doom (James Earl Jones), Conan spends the next fifteen years in agony—first chained to the Wheel of Pain, and then purchased by a gladiator master as a pit fighter, before finally being set free. Aided by his companions Subotai the Mongol (Gerry Lopez) and Valeria, Queen of Thieves (Sandahl Bergman), Conan sets out to solve the “riddle of steel,” seize ultimate power, and take revenge on the warlord who killed his family and tribe.

Catch the Hollywood legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger—who The Frida Cinema is celebrating all this month—in Conan the Barbarian, playing this June.

“Essential ’80s cinema with some amazing elements, including the unflinching violence for the time and the brilliant score by Basil Poledouris.” – Kevin Carr, 7M Pictures

“Its magnificence stems from the very properties we should be condemning with all our might.” – Rob Vaux,

“A big, sweaty, pulpy adventure tale that’s both exciting AND unintentionally amusing.” – Scott Weinberg,