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From legendary director Tsai Ming-Liang (Rebels of The Neon God, Goodbye Dragon Inn) comes a brand new cinematic experience: Days.

Under the pain of illness and treatment, Kang (Lee Kang-sheng) finds himself adrift. He meets Non (Anong Houngheuangsy) in a foreign land. They find consolation in each other before parting ways and carrying on with their days. Days marks yet another masterwork in one of contemporary cinema’s most extraordinary careers.


“The beauty of Tsai’s approach, a taste worth acquiring, is the way he builds empathy for his characters by pulling us into their geographic, temporal, and by extension emotional space.” – A.A. Dowd, The AV Club

“Like all of Tsai’s films, this communicates feelings of loneliness and alienation inherent to the human condition; but perhaps more than any other, it revels in the corporeality of Tsai’s performers…” – Kathy Sachs, Chicago Reader

“The movie’s two final shots… are among the most striking evocations of the quiet anguish of loneliness that any form of cinema can offer.” – Glenn Kenny, The New York Times