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Devo Hardcore Live!

Are we not DEVO? No, we are Hardcore DEVO Live: a concert documentary film from the band’s live performance at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

In the days before his death from heart failure in 2014, DEVO guitarist Bob Casale had suggested the band dig back into their early catalog and tour with some of their old favorites that never got much airplay: looking back as a means of moving forward (devolution, if you will). Following his unexpected passing, the band decided they would do just that. Armed only with old demos from 1974-1977 (pre-record deal), the remaining members made Hardcore DEVO, a stripped down live show meant to recapture the punk essence of the band’s early years, with proceeds going to support Casale’s family.

Director Keirda Bahruth documents the performances with colorfully sharp, digital images that foreshadow a kaleidoscopic future ahead. When stepping away from the action onstage, Bahruth digs into old photographs of the quartet from the days when they made the music, and interviews each about the direction the band is headed now.


“The final product is a superbly entertaining concert film that is moving and more exciting than most. ” — Ian Schultz,

“‘Hardcore DEVO’ is a very welcome release, both a historical artefact and an reminder that DEVO remain as necessary now as they did when they first entered that Akron basement.” — Phil Newall,

“For fans of Devo or new wave rock in general, this is a fantastic concert video. Rather than just cashing in on nostalgia for their ’80s hit(s), the band found a creative way to celebrate its past and make it new.” — Justin Remer,