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Disappearance at Clifton Hill

Disappearance at Clifton Hill

IFC Midnight presents Disappearance at Clifton Hill, an eerie mystery from Albert Shin.

Following the death of her mother, Abby returns to her hometown of Niagara Falls. While there, she finds herself drawn once again into a mystery that has haunted her since childhood: what happened to the young boy she saw being abducted in the woods twenty-five years ago? As Abby sets out to find out the truth, she must confront a shocking, long-buried conspiracy that runs as deep as the falls themselves as well as her own inner demons.

Bristling with an air of surreal menace, Disappearance at Clifton Hill is a mood-drenched thriller with a cleverly psychological story.

“Clifton Hill is a story wrapped in the ambiguity of truths and the danger of lies, told through the eyes of Abby, one of the most interesting and complex characters of the year.” – Sara Clements, Daily Dead

“Between its opening image of a fish dangling on a hook (a stand-in for the audience?) and its flawlessly underplayed final moment, it casts a one-of-a-kind spell.” – Sheri Linden, The Hollywood Reporter

“Clifton Hill becomes just as thrilling and disturbing as its titular strip of haunted houses and fading-fast motels.” – Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail