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Coming at you this October is director D’Urville Martin’s 1975 blaxploitation epic Dolemite, in honor of the new Rudy Ray Moore biopic Dolemite is My Name.

Moore stars as cinema’s greatest pimp of them all! After two years in prison on trumped-up charges, Dolemite gets bailed out by a friend and winds up back on the streets. With a bevy of babes who are “foxy as hell and know kung-fu”, the urban hero sets out to get even with those who set him up. A true B-movie, the film wears it budget on its sleeve but still manages to capture the spirit of 70’s L.A.

Carried by its star’s one-of-a-kind underground comedic persona, Dolemite is a true classic of cult cinema that is as hilarious as it is righteous.

After the Sunday, October 27th screening, stick around for an informative Q&A about the movie’s themes and production with film scholar Steve Ryfle. Renowed for his writing on genre film and Godzilla in particular, Mr. Ryfle is currently working on Desegregating Hollywood, a book about the relationship between cinema and the civil rights movement.

“…Dolemite is far more fun than a good many of the high-stakes, high-budget films that the big studios roll out every month or so.” – Hunter Lanier, Film Threat

“Dolemite is a good entry point for those curious about Rudy Ray Moore’s cinematic output.” – Odie Henderson,

“Who needs CGI idols when you have this fresh, profane dynamo of a superstar?” – Phil Hall, Cinema Crazed

Rudy Ray Moore as Dolemite.