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Exploding onto the screen with dance and melodrama is the sensational Ema, a film by Jackie director Pablo Larraín.

Ema (Di Girolamo) is a young dancer working under the direction of her newly ex-husband Gastón (Y Tu Mama Tambien‘s Gael García Bernal). As tensions arise between the two, Ema reckons with the guilt regarding their adopted son Polo, and his dangerous obsession with fire. Through unexpected detours and choreographed dance, Ema and Gastón unknowingly walk a tightrope that’s bound to collapse.

Set to a pulsating original score by Nicolás Jaar and featuring elegant yet explosive dance choreography, Ema bursts with life and color. It’s a film that continues to certify Larraín as one of the most exciting and distinctive artists working today.

“Ema is a bold film about trying to put out a fire when you have burned everything around you to the ground.” — Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, ABC Radio (Australia)

“A stirring melodrama, a compelling character study, a hallucinatory mood piece and a rollicking dance movie all at once; Ema will have you hooked thanks to it striking visual eye from Pablo Larrain and the electrifying lead Mariana Di Girolamo.” — Harris Dang, The AU Review

“Larraín intersperses Ema with beautiful dance sequences and crisp cinematography. If this drama provides no easy answers, at least it’s a delight to behold.” — Alan Zilberman, Washington City Paper