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Female Trouble

Relive the glorious filth of John Waters’ camp classic Female Trouble, starring Pink Flamingoes’ very own Divine and screening as part of our LGBTQ Pride Month series!

This rollercoaster adventure follows the life of bad girl teen Dawn Davenport, who only wants a pair of cha-cha heels for Christmas. When she doesn’t get them, Dawn runs away, gets pregnant, and falls into a life of crime with her high-school pals Chiclette and Concetta. Through a series of comedically deplorable events including an acid attack to the face, Dawn becomes a model for two deranged salon owners, playing into her notion that “crime and beauty are the same.”

As shocking as it is silly, Female Trouble is another hilariously depraved collaboration between Waters and Divine.


“The resulting feast of sex, violence, cruelty, and frivolity mocks sentimental notions of family, work, and love, and turns the egomaniacal furies of pop culture inside out.” — Richard Brody, New Yorker

“’In many ways, Female Trouble treads the same ground as Network. It is a prescient look at what it means to be famous and what happens when we finally cross the line. — David Harris, Spectrum Culture

“One of John Waters’ best and most notorious movies.” — Gary Dowell, Dallas Morning News