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What a feeling!

The first collaboration between producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer (Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, The Rock), Flashdance stars Jennifer Beals as Alex, a young aspiring ballerina who works as a welder at a steel mill by day, and as an exotic dancer by night. After she discovers her boss, Nick (Michael Nouri), is interested in her career, she reignites her desire to apply for a renowned dance conservatory.

Directed by Adrian Lyne (Fatal Attraction), Flashdance went on to become a box office success, inspiring viewers to wear sweatshirts with a large neckhole.  Ring in Valentine’s Day with this romantic 80’s favorite!

Director Adrian Lyne caught the post-disco visual mood of the time to win over even the most cynical viewer.”— Alan Jones, Radio Times

“Cinderella tale with sex, Spandex, and ’80s pop.” — Charles Cassady, Common Sense Media