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Frida (2002) — The Frida Cinema’s 6th Anniversary Party & Screening


On February 21st, The Frida turns SIX! Join us as we celebrate with a special one-night-only screening of Julie Taymor’s Frida!! 

NOTE: Originally our intent was to present Frida on 35mm, however we’re unfortunately not quite there yet with the installation of our new 35mm system…  Frida will be shown digitally, and keep posted — we hope to have an update on our first 35mm presentation soon!

Starring Salma Hayek in her Oscar-nominated performance, Taymor’s lush and detailed films documents to the life of Mexican art icon Frida Kahlo. Disabled after surviving a traumatic traffic accident, the young Frida takes up painting as she recovers from her injuries. Her work eventually draws the eye of Diego Rivera (Alfred Molina), a radical-minded artist who wins her over with his charisma. The two marry, but their relationship is strained by Rivera’s adultery, as well as the arrival of exiled Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky (Geoffrey Rush).

Join us as we celebrate our 6th Anniversary with a truly special film, celebrating one of the greatest and most influential artists of all time!

“Smart, willful, and perverse, this Frida is nobody’s servant, and the tiny Hayek plays her with head held high. You may want to laugh now and then, but you won’t look away.” – Susan Stark, Detroit News

“One can imagine Taymor’s glorious vision as a triumph of which Frida herself would approve.” – Matthew Lucas, The Dispatch 

“Taymor conveys in imaginative cinematic fashion how for Frida, creating art and living were one and the same.” – Michael Dequina,