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Halloween II/Friday The 13th Part II w/ Nostalgic Nebula

Two infamous serial killers, two movies back-to-back, and part two of their stories. Co-hosted by Nostalgic Nebula, it’s the sequels to two of the most iconic horror series of all-time, Halloween 2 and Friday the 13th Part 2.

Picking up right where the previous film left off, Halloween 2 starts with our protagonist, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis), in the hospital recovering from her injuries inflicted by Michael Myers (Dick Warlock), who survived being shot by Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) and is on the loose. Michael finds Laurie, along with a posse of hospital staff, and the attempt to murder her once again ensues. With additional gore (and camp), we uncover Michael’s background and his unrelenting desire to end Laurie’s life.

In Friday the 13th Part 2, we have a new group of teenagers training as camp counselors at the now-closed Camp Crystal Lake. They hear the story of Jason Voorhees (Warrington Gillette) and how he’s set out to avenge his dead mother, but write it off as an urban legend. One by one though, the prospective camp counselors are viciously murdered, with the exception of a lucky few. Those few soon discover that Jason is real, out for blood (literally), and will do anything to kill anyone within the vicinity of Camp Crystal Lake.

Both films are appreciated for different reasons: Halloween 2 was nominated for two Saturn Awards and Friday the 13th Part 2 is lauded for its special effects and novelty in having a different murderer than the previous film. However, both films will definitely provide viewers with the same thing–gruesome, creative murders and storylines that paved the way for future slasher films.

Costumes are encouraged, and be ready for a fun game of trivia in between the films!


“…[Friday the 13th Part 2] is a solid first sequel—the elongated climactic chase set-piece still ranks as one of the more memorable in any horror feature, to date—and the truly chilling jump scare at the end gives the original’s a run for its money” – Dustin Putman,

“The lead character, Ginny (the likable Amy Steel), is one of the most appealing in the entire [Friday the 13th] series, and the film has plenty of the clever and fun kills that are the trademark of the franchise” – Eric Goldman, IGN

“Most importantly, as the only movie other than the original with all three of Laurie, Loomis and Myers, [Halloween 2] has most of the elements that made the classic film so great” – Sean Collier, Box Office Prophets