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Hard Ticket to Hawaii – Presented by Bombs Away!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii poster

Join us September 21st as Bombs Away Show, the podcast that “celebrates” the best of the worst in cinema, takes you on a one way ticket to the wild side of Hawaii!

First, sit back and experience the best of the worst of 80’s action skin flicks: Andy Sidaris’ B-movie explosion Hard Ticket to Hawaii! This movie has it all: action, nudity, ninjas, frisbees with razor blades, and even killer cancerous snakes! It’s all here in one of the wildest laugh riots of an action film you’ve ever seen!

After the film, B-movie comedy podcast Bombs Away will be on hand to take the stage to dissect the film, and discuss it with the audience — and they’re not stopping there! Step into a themed event with a pre-show dedicated to all things tiki and Hawaii, and don’t forget to pose with the Killer Snake as it makes its attack through the toilet! Don’t get it yet? You will, and you will be thankful you came!

Tickets are $15 and include both the film and the post-screening podcast show!

Special Event. Frida Cinema comp passes and Member Ticket Discounts not accepted.

One Night Only — Saturday, September 21st at 7pm!

Hard Ticket to Hawaii