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Orange County's Year-Round Film Festival

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival – Horror for Humanity Panel

It seems to be en vogue to say it is a new development that horror could be used to express socio-political fears, but the duty of genre to act as a mirror to our darker impulses is old, and has precedence that predates the oft-cited Get Out. This panel will focus on genre as this type of mirror, and why our artists have chosen to implement that mirror to express their own fears, rages, or anxieties. The short films that will be shown during the panel are Bears Rebecca Fonte‘s Conversion Therapist and Lizz Marshall’s What Daphne Saw.

Joining the panel will be both directors, actors Evalyn Jake, Sara Fletcher, and Jordan Morgan from Conversion Therapist, and Notinourcity’s Angie Goeke and Alicia Gregory Maroney!