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Orange County's Year-Round Film Festival

Horrible Imaginings Film Festival: Long Form Short Film Showcase

In the efforts to provide you with the greatest number, and therefore the greatest variety, of short genre titles, it can be extremely difficult to know what to do with short films that run longer than usual. Saying yes to a 20 minute short film means saying no to four five-minute short films. That said, some of them are worthy of big screen time, and watching shorts of this length is a different experience than the brief blasts of more bite-sized fare. Making one of the blocks dedicated to these longer-length stories has worked so well for both us and for the audience who knows each title will be a little longer going in.

Four stories: the LGBT revenge fuel of “For my Cat, Mieze,” marital problems taken to the bizarre extreme in “Saori, Piling Up,” dark questions of isolation in “Supine,” and Bill Moseley and Amanda Plummer give us Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln as we have never seen them in the incredible “Gingerbread.”