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In The Earth

From Ben Wheatley, the twistedly visionary mind behind A Field in England and Kill List, comes the hallucinatory new nightmare In the Earth.

Alternately mind-bending, chilling, and darkly hilarious, In the Earth finds a scientist and park scout venturing deep into the forest for a routine equipment run, as the world searches for a cure for a disastrous virus. Through the night, their journey becomes a terrifying voyage through the heart of darkness,  as the forest seemingly coming to life around them.

To say any more would be to spoil the many sinister and unexpected surprises that await those who sign up for Wheatley’s new vision.  Not for the faint of heart, In the Earth is a must for those who love their movies creepy, original, and thoroughly weird.

“Blending folk horror, environmental anxiety, and good old-fashioned psychopathy, In the Earth is not your everyday horror film. It’s a steady exercise in suspense, filled with slowly growing doom and unforeseeable instability.” – Deirdre Crimmins, C-Ville

“Sinister and hilarious, psychedelic yet grounded, absurdist while still gripping, In the Earth will take root in you.” – Richard Whittaker, Austin Chronicle

“Gnaws at the nerves and bludgeons the senses until submission-to humanity’s helplessness in the face of the ancient world’s elemental power-is the only recourse.” – Nick Schager, The Daily Beast