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La Cundina Film Festival

La Cundina Film Festival

La Cundina Film Festival is a mobile film festival. Our goal is to unify and present opportunity to those talents and filmmakers who operate under the radar and can often be overlooked by larger entities.

We hope to achieve more exposure by hosting a showcase at The Frida Cinema as a platform where these independent filmmakers can bring their collected audiences together under one roof.

What’s La Cundina you ask? Well its a Spanish slang term for pool, as in money pools like the people of Mexico create. They will start cundinas among close friends then takes turns giving money into the pool for others to use. Its a turn-based pool where success is dependent on the relationships between the people in it. You can think of La Cundina as more of a pool of independent filmmakers planning to consistently bring new films to the pool.

La Cundina Film Festival is a collective of close filmmaking partnerships all striving to tell entertaining new stories in their respective ways. La Cundina is always swapping filmmakers in and out of pool so there will always be fresh content from within a contained group.

“Money Talks” by Eric Nguyen + Marsh André Allen
“Post Mortem” by Gregory Dengler
“Invasion” by Daniel Rodriguez
“Hotel Carbinne” by Mikey Arce
“Following Jamie” by Charles Gray
“Strangers In The NIghtBus” by Ayrton Carrazco
“Queen Of The Dead” by Justin Bernard Head


Special Rental Event.  Frida Cinema comp passes and Member Discounts not valid.