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A24 strikes again with Lamb, a new horror film from first-time director Valdimar Johnannsson.

Noomi Rapace and Hilmer Snaar Gudnason star as Maria and Ingvar, a couple living in Iceland. Unable to conceive a child, the two have the good fortune of finding a strange newborn on their farm. At first, it seems the couple will finally enjoy the wonder of family life, but it turns out there’s more to their new child than meets the eye…

Making its premiere at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, Lamb is another supernatural shocker from the company behind The Witch and Midsommar.


“A film that proves just how far disbelief can be suspended if you’re in the hands of a director – and a cast, and an SFX/puppetry department – who really commit to the bit.” — Jessica Kiang, Variety

“Lamb is a disturbing experience but also a highly original take on the anxieties of being a parent, a tale in which nature plus nurture yields a nightmare.” — David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter

“The premise of ‘Lamb’ is hilarious in parts, but Jóhannsson isn’t kidding around.” — Eric Kohn, indieWire