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Little Women

Little Women

Revisit Louisa May Alcott’s timeless story with Little Women, an inventive new adaptation from Greta Gerwig.

Set in the years following the Civil War, the movie follows Jo March, a writer living in New York. Her sister Amy, who studies painting in Paris, happens to run into Theodore, a childhood crush who once proposed to Jo but was turned down. Meanwhile, oldest sibling Meg is married to a schoolteacher, while the painfully shy Beth falls victim to a serious illness that reunites the sisters.

A critical darling, Little Women garnered six nominations at the 2019 Academy Awards and won for Best Costume Design.

“Greta Gerwig’s take on Louisa May Alcott’s novel is intelligent and fleet, refreshing if not radical, and as organic in its feminist convictions as it is in its depiction of close-knit sororal love.” – Philippa Snow, The New Republic

“At its heart, Little Women is a coming-of-age story and an adventure story…adventurous but soft…you leave happy and satisfied with the storytelling.” – Sucharita Tyagi, Film Companion

“An absolutely lovely film that will make you feel so extremely good walking out of it.” – Christy Lemire, NPR Los Angeles