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Mars Attacks!

Our August Volunteer of the Month is Isa Bulnes-Shaw, who has selected Tim Burton’s science fiction comedy Mars Attacks! for her VOTM pick.

Friends and families across America go about their humdrum lives when, much to their shock, flying saucers from Mars land. Attempting to keep the situation under the control, the United States government hopes to establish cordial relations with the Martians, giving them a warm welcome to the planet. Unfortunately, it turns out the bug-eyed, big-brained aliens are more interested in conquest than peace, with a full-scale invasion (and hilarity) ensuing.

Filled with a bevy of familiar faces like Glenn Close, Jack Nicholson, and Danny DeVito, Mars Attacks! is a sardonically funny parody of the sci-fi genre that was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation.


“A giddily madcap, surreal, sardonic satire that sets out to be deliberately cheesy.” — Mark Salisbury, Empire Magazine

“It’s a destructo orgy without any phony-baloney sanctimony about the fellowship of man — or spaceman.” — Peter Rainer, New Times

“Among an amazing roster of stars, Pierce Brosnan is hilarious as a presidential adviser and Lisa Marie is weirdly creepy as a disguised alien temptress.” — Alan Jones, Radio Times