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Mr. Klein: 4K Restoration

Mr. Klein

Rialto Pictures presents a brand new 4K Restoration of 1976 French classic Mr. Klein (Monsieur Klein), a wartime drama from Palme d’Or winner Joseph Losey.

In Nazi-occupied France, Mr. Klein (Le Samouraï’s Alain Delon), a Catholic art dealer who works as a school principal, exploits his Jewish neighbors by buying and selling their works of art. When a Jewish man of the same name surfaces in Paris, Klein comes under suspicion and experiences the persecution of his countrymen firsthand.

Winner of both Best Film and Best Director categories at the Cesar Awards, Mr. Klein is a powerful, disturbing look at the dark rise of complacency and opportunism during one of history’s darkest periods, painstakingly restored for a theatrical re-release by Rialto Pictures.

“Both a work of history, unstinting in its concrete depiction of political hatred and fear, and a portrait of the metaphysics of tyranny-a classic of doppelgänger paranoia that gathers the theme on a single string and pulls it into modernity.” – Richard Brody, The New Yorker

“Moody, elegantly disturbing and impeccably made by a master director, this story of blurred identities and casual immorality in German-occupied Paris benefits from what might be the best performance of star Alain Delon’s long career…” – Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

“At its heart, Mr. Klein is a detective story with the highest possible stakes.” – Caroline Golum, Screen Slate

Mr. Klein
Mr. Klein.