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New Order

Sobering, disturbing, and unapologetically brutal, director Michel Franco’s New Order (Nueva orden) is a dystopian Mexican political thriller that made waves at its Venice Film Festival premiere.

In an alternate 2021, the gulf between the rich and the poor of Mexico has become intolerably wide. While a group of high-rolling citizens gather for a wedding, the festivities are interrupted when a nationwide riot breaks out and armed, would-be revolutionaries attack the gathering. As the rioters take the wedding attendees hostage, the Mexican government deploys the army against the uprising, an act that further pushes the country into nightmarish extremes.

Enormously controversial in its native Mexico, New Order is a terrifying examination of the thin line between anarchy and tyranny that is all too relevant for our time. 

Due to some graphic and potentially disturbing images, viewer discretion is advised. 

Presented in Spanish, with English subtitles.


“4/4 Stars.  I both cannot wait to watch it again, and dread the opportunity to revisit Franco’s many nausea-inducing tableaux, which so dangerously straddle the line between incendiary and exploitative. For now, I’m going to call this a masterpiece.” — Barry Hertz, Globe and Mail 

“The film remains impossible to shake, so rare are the stories we’re told that refuse to cushion the blow and so close do this story’s blows come to where we live now.”
— Ty Burr, Boston Globe

“Excellent acting, cinematography and editing will keep you on the edge of your seat. On view is the bourgeoise’s worst nightmare. The astonishing and disturbing class warfare is more alarming, compelling and macabre than that seen in Parasite. — Dwight Brown, National Newspaper Publishers Association