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Next of Kin

Next of Kin

Commonly referred to as “Suspiria Down Under”, Tony Williams’ Next of Kin is an unsung gem of Australian horror cinema.

The film follows Linda Stevens (Jackie Kerin), a young woman returning to her hometown twenty years after her mother’s death. Bequeathed her rural childhood estate, Linda finds it was converted to a nursing home for the elderly before her mother passed. When going through old diaries, Linda discovers a mysterious string of deaths within the residence as well as an eerie sensation of being watched from the shadows.

Equal parts giallo, haunted house tale, and murder-mystery, Williams crafts an Ozploitation flick that is somehow both derivative and ahead of its time.

Friday, October 18 – 10pm
Saturday, October 19 – 10:30pm
Sunday, October 20 – 8:30pm

“The perfect example of less-is-more, moving at a measured pace before reaching a bombastic action-packed climax […] a brilliant example of how to do horror and unlike many of its time, has aged really well.” – Martin Unsworth, Stardust

“Next of Kin is more than just a simple curiosity, it’s an interesting chapter in one of the most important decades of Australian cinematic history…” – Alex Lines, Film Inquiry

“Although set in that vast physical and psychological space beyond city limits called the Outback, its menace comes not from what might be ‘out there’ but from what’s lurking in the walls and memories of an old dark house.” – Richard Kuipers, Australia Screen

Next of Kin
Jackie Kerin in Next of Kin.