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Pain and Glory

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Experience the highs and the lows in the life of Salvador Mallo, the protagonist of Academy Award-winner Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film Dolor y gloria (Pain and Glory).

Salvador is an aging movie director declining not only in health but creativity as well. Hoping to reconnect with both his past and his present, he goes through a series of encounters with foes, lovers, and memories from his childhood. Encompassing love, mortality, and recovery, it’s an intimate journey about creation, the difficulty of separating it from one’s own life, and the passions that give it meaning and hope.

Featuring Almodovar regulars Antonio Banderas, Penélope Cruz, and Julieta Serrano, Pain and Glory is a beautiful and deeply personal film.

Almodovar makes this internal trip a spellbinding and soulful exercise – whatever other things he has in common with his avatar here, being creatively blocked isn’t one of them.” – Rob Thomas, Capital Times

“As an emotional narrative it is a spectacularly engaging work, an evocation of one man’s life so rich and moving that it burrows deep and will not be dislodged.” – Robert W. Butler, Butler’s Cinema Scene

“Pedro Almodovar has cast Antonio Banderas in eight films, across 40 years… Pain and Glory might be the most sublime work either of the men has had their name on for many years.” – Graeme Tuckett,

Pain & Glory
Pain & Glory.