March 31, 2018 @ 11:30 am

What happens when Paramount Pictures, Disney, acclaimed director Robert Altman, and celebrated singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson team up to adapt a beloved comic strip?Depending on who you ask, either one of the most unique and magical films of the 1980’s, or one of the decade’s most bafflingly strange and unexpectedly surreal; or, as many an avid fan would testify, all of the above.   

Featuring the great Robin Williams in his first leading role in a feature film,  Popeye is a musical story of love, adventure, bravery, and triumph. On a cold, bright morning, Popeye enters the sleepy, coastal town of Sweethaven. Searching for his long-lost father, Popeye is immediately met with distrust by the suspicious Sweethaven residents. At the local boardinghouse, the Oyl family is preparing for the engagement of their daughter, Olive (a perfectly cast Shelley Duvall), to the town bully, Captain Bluto (an ever-grunting Paul L. Smith), who controls Sweethaven with anger and fear. As Olive contemplates a life with Bluto, she and Popeye make an unexpected discovery in an abandoned crib, setting up a chain of events that will disrupt the otherwise tranquil town of Sweethaven – if only Popeye can find his courage.

Adapted from E.C. Segar’s classic comic strip, Popeye is a timeless family movie full of robust humor, fantastical musical numbers, and a memorable supporting cast, orchestrated by the brilliant Robert Altman (Nashville, MASH, The Player) who lends the film a unique salty-sea-shanty style with elaborate sets, costuming, and color palettes that are matched measure by measure by Nilsson’s gruff and folky tunes.

Saturday, March 31 – 11:30am
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“You wonder how on earth Altman did it; equally often, you feel you are watching a wacky masterpiece, the like of which you’ve never seen before.” – Geoff Andrew, Time Out

“He takes one of the most artificial and limiting of art forms — the comic strip — and raises it to the level of high comedy and high spirits.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

“Kooky and odd and brilliant, in the most warped way imaginable.” – Scott Weinberg, eFilmCritic.com