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Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement

Relive the early days of punk with Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement, a dynamic portrait of the DC punk scene and philosophy.

Created over the span of a decade by two long-time Washington DC filmmakers, this soon to be completed documentary is an in-depth exploration of a seminal moment in DC music history. When punk erupted in the city in the late 1970’s, it was a mighty inter-generational convergence of powerful music, friendships, uncompromising wills and clear minds. The sounds and people that emerged from those early years of punk/harDCore-punk continue to influence and inspire around the world.

With a mix of recently discovered archive material, a conversational interview approach, and a collage editing style, Punk the Capital goes beyond the traditional music documentary genre and fully captures the transformative power of punk.


“An oddly kindred spirit to ‘The Irishman,’…[as] aging punks recall harDCore’s impossibly fast tempos, now replaced by the patient, shuffling gait of middle age.” — Pat Padua, The DC Line