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Calling all lovers of absurd, avant garde cinema! The director of one of 2014’s weirdest films, Buzzard, is back with another wildly mind-bending and off-kilter cinematic experience — Relaxer!

In the pending days before Y2K is set to destroy everything, the future seems uncertain. Slacker Abbie (Joshua Burge) is given a challenge by his older bother before it all comes crashing down: beat the infamous level 256 in Pac-Man.  The stipulations? No getting up from the couch until he does so. From here, it’s all a survival story for Abbie. No food. No water. Just his idiot friends that stop by every once in a while to rot with him in the living room.

The Exterminating Angel meets Slacker in director Joel Potrykus’ hilariously warped new vision, which was nominated for awards at SXSW and AFI Fests, and which won both the Best Narrative Feature award from Virginia Film Festival and the Best Actor award from the Fantasia Film Festival, who wrote of Burge’s performance, “Joshua Burge pulls off a fearless tour de force: a tragicomic, deeply emotional, and intensely physical performance — without ever leaving his couch.”

“Through its precise film making and whirlwind script about one loser who never gets off the couch, it’s a magnetic, five-senses experience for slacker cinema.” – Nick Allen,

“It’s endearing, hilarious, and disgusting all at once, before a whiff of a finale that’s bold and cosmic.” – Bill Arceneaux, Big Easy Magazine 

“As if Harold Pinter and Samuel Beckett were fed a diet of Nintendo and pizza.” – Pat Pudau, Spectrum Culture