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Repo! The Genetic Opera — Live Shadow Cast by Addicted to the Knife

Repo The Genetic Opera

It’s that time again, Zydrate addicts!   The amazing “shadow-cast” troupe Addicted to the Knife returns to The Frida with Repo! The Genetic Opera on Friday, February 22nd!

An outlandish 2008 celebration of dirty, gory excess, replete with family melodrama, mysterious illnesses, mind-blowing future-drugs, designer organ repossessions, a few surprising cameos, and a superabundance of bloody stabs and slices, Repo! will be brought to life in front of your eyes by Addicted to the Knife, an all-costumed, all-dancing, all-lip syncing troupe of actors who have excelled at performing the film Rocky Horror-style! All this, and musical numbers too!

Pre-Show starts at 11:30pm – Film starts at Midnight!