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Road House (1989): 30th Anniversary Screening presented by Bombs Away Show

Join us July 27th as Bombs Away Show, the podcast that “celebrates” the Best of the Worst in cinema, takes on the best bouncer in the business — and the wildest movie you’ll ever experience about bar-to-patron relations…

First, sit back and experience the 30th Anniversary of an out-of-this-world take on the life of a Nightclub bouncer: Road House! Yes, you heard that right: it’s a movie about bar security. But that’s not all — it’s a movie about kicks, and punches, and throat rips, and Bigfoot Trucks… Did we mention kicks and punches?

AFTER THE FILM, B-Movie comedy podcast Bombs Away will be on hand to take the stage to dissect the film, and discuss it with YOU!, the audience — and they’re not stopping there!  Step into a themed event with a pre-show dedicated to all things Road House, and some of the wildest movies of 1989!   Pose with in-photo locations pulled straight from the Double Deuce!

Tickets are $15 and include both the film and the post-screening podcast show! 

Special Event. Frida Cinema comp passes and Member Ticket Discounts not accepted.

One Night Only — Saturday, June 27th at 7pm!