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Runaway (1984) + “Underrated” Live Podcast Recording

Join the hosts of Underrated, a podcast that reviews movies that are underrated, under-appreciated, and even ones that have slipped under the radar and passed most people by, for a special screening of Michael Critchton’s sci-fi action film Runaway!

Starring Tom Selleck, the movie takes place in a near future where robots are an everyday sight. Sgt. Jack Ramsay (Selleck) is a police officer who specializes in handling robots undergoing malfunctions. When a robot turns out to have been programmed to kill though, he begins to uncover a homicidal plot to create killer robots… and his son becomes a target.

After the movie, stick around for a live podcast recording of a conversation with Frida Executive Director Logan Crow and Underrated hosts Derrick McDuff, Ariel Ortiz, and Alan Torres about the film.

Derick McDuff is a writer for sites like when he isn’t busy being a; podcaster, author, poet, and incredibly mediocre photographer. Derick met Alan and Ariel while working at a bookstore and the trio spent years discussing films and podcasts before finally deciding to hit record and launch their own, Underrated. Since its inception Derick has served as; co-host, editor, and producer for Underrated.

Ariel Ortiz is a; published author, self-proclaimed nerd in many things pop culture, podcaster, cosplayer, and Comic Con enthusiast. Ariel is the co-founder of the Undercast Company with Derick McDuff, and Alan and Fred Torres. Ariel is also the co-host and video editor of the Underrated Podcast, and host of the You’ve Never Seen?! podcast (which recently celebrated its first anniversary) releasing new episodes the first of every month.

Alan Torres is one of the co-founders of the Undercast Company along with Ariel Ortiz and Derick McDuff. Co-host and co-creator of Underrated. Fond of; cryptids, necromancy, conversing with the old gods, and pumpkin spice, Alan is.

Underrated releases new episodes on their podcasting platforms every other Monday.