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Our November film series is The Magnificent Andersons, featuring the movies of Wes Anderson and Paul Thomas Anderson and starting with Rushmore!

To call 15-year-old Max Fischer “precocious” would be putting it far too mildly. Max has been a scholarship student at the prestigious Rushmore Academy since the second grade. But he’s far more focused on extracurriculars than academics. The headmaster issues an ultimatum: pick up his grades or be expelled. Max doesn’t give up easily, though—especially not when he’s competing with disillusioned businessman Herman Blume for the heart of Rosemary Cross, a first-grade teacher at Rushmore.

Fun fact: Rushmore was Anderson regular Jason Schartzman’s film debut!


“Rushmore is a film of…small, beautifully observed touches, with an unimprovable soundtrack arranged by Mark Mothersbaugh.” – Paul Hamilos, The Guardian

“The cast are a constant delight with a star making turn from Jason Schwartzman…” – Christopher Connor, The Film Magazine

“Anderson is an astounding practitioner in his ability to not only balance a menagerie of lonely, lovely souls but to evoke a constantly fluctuating private life for nearly every one of them.” – Chris Cabin, Slant Magazine