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Scripts Gone Wild Presents: The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad

Scripts Gone Wild presents a special reading of Fred Dekker’s The Monster Squad, the epic tale of some slick kids who do battle against a batch of copyright-friendly movie monsters to save the world! They’re bringing a murderer’s row of drunken talent, including some special guests from the film itself!

Every time one of our readers flubs a line, forgets their place, gets distracted – THEY DRINK!

– The audience chooses a ‘social word’ and any time that word is read in the script, EVERYONE DRINKS.
– Our fans on social media vote on their favorite line from the film. We draw one at random at the beginning of the show and – when we reach that line – every reader finishes whatever is in their glass!
– If any of our readers don’t drink, we choose a DESIGNATED DRINKER from the audience to help them along

The Monster Squad
The Monster Squad.