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Shin Godzilla — Presented by LA Arts Society

You asked for it, and we listened! Los Angeles Arts Society strikes again with 2016’s Japanese epic Shin Godzilla, making landfall at The Frida Cinema on Friday, June 7th!

A bold yet original take on the King of the Monsters from Neon Genesis Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno, the film focuses on the bureaucratic chaos that engulfs the Japanese government when a massive monster emerges from Tokyo Bay. As everybody from the prime minister to low-level cabinet functionaries scrambles to devise an appropriate response to this unprecedented situation, the US and other countries threaten to deploy nuclear weapons against the rapidly-evolving behemoth as it rampages across the city. A biting satire of Japan’s red tape-heavy politics and perceived over-reliance on foreign powers, Shin Godzilla offers a nightmarish new vision of the titular character that is bound to haunt viewers as much as it will move them.

After the film, stick around for a Godzilla-themed raffle and discussion! LA Arts Society’s Creative Director Reggie Peralta will talk about the issues and themes addressed in the movie before opening it up for the audience to share their thoughts and questions!

Arrive early at 6:30PM for the Monster Mashup Preshow, a collection of classic monster movie trailers played on the big screen! Also enjoy the apocalyptic ambiance as LA Arts Society transforms the Frida lobby into a devastated Tokyo ward before the show starts at 7:00 PM!

Buy early and guarantee your seat! Tickets are $12 online and at the Frida box office through June 6th, and $15 the day of the event!

Join us for another evening with the King of the Monsters!

NOTE: Originally scheduled to appear, author Steve Ryfle will no longer be available to attend this event.

“Takes a more realistic, nuts-and-bolts approach to the eternal question: How do you solve a problem like Godzilla?” — Alonso Duralde, The Wrap

“As far as Godzilla movies go, this one is-just as Toho promised – a smashing return to form.” — Katie Rife, AV Club

Shin Godzilla is the Dunkirk of Godzilla movies.” — Richard Trenholm, CNET