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Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers — Presented by Blumhouse’s Attack of the Queerwolf Podcast!
Directed by
Michael A. Simpson

Join Blumhouse’s Attack of the Queerwolf for their first ever live show! The LGBTQ horror podcast will be hosting a screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP II: UNHAPPY CAMPERS immediately followed by a live episode recording.

Everyone’s favorite serial killer camp counselor, Angela Baker, is back to slew a whole new group of teenagers. After years of therapy and sexual-reassignment surgeries, Angela is given a job at Camp Rolling Hills. But history begins to repeat itself when she goes on a murderous rampage when the campers begin misbehaving in this horror sequel that is campy entertainment.

The show begins 8:30PM. Bring your brightest smiles, your shortest shorts, and prepare to camp until you die!

About Blumhouse’s Attack of the Queerwolves LGBTQ: The token queers at Blumhouse go through the horror canon to see where on the undead Kinsey scale your faves belong. Don’t be nervous: we’ve done this before. Hosted by Michael Kennedy, Nay Bever, Brennan Klein, and Sam Wineman!

“I like the out of the box approach — not too many 80s slashers focus mainly on the killer (an unmasked one at that), and was a rather unique way of more or less remaking the original film . . . while giving it its own identity. ” — Brian Collins, Horror Movie A Day

“Every good horror movie deserves a equel and the 80’s classic SLEEPAWAY CAMP has thankfully delivered a second helping. . . . Just as the original, the second installment of this movie has some really unique kills.” — Absolute Horror

“What saves this enterprise is its winking, self-referential (and self-mocking) quality, something that makes it a bit of a progenitor for later entries like the Scream [franchise]. . . . The fun of Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers is not in any putative character information, but in the nonchalant way Angela marauds her way through a series of boorish victims. On that level, this is one camp worth visiting.” — Jeffrey Kauffman,