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Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers — Presented by Blumhouse’s Attack of the Queerwolf Podcast!

Join Blumhouse’s Attack of the Queerwolf for their first ever live show! The LGBTQ horror podcast will be hosting a screening of SLEEPAWAY CAMP II: UNHAPPY CAMPERS immediately followed by a live episode recording.

Everyone’s favorite serial killer camp counselor, Angela Baker, is back to slew a whole new group of teenagers. After years of therapy and sexual-reassignment surgeries, Angela is given a job at Camp Rolling Hills. But history begins to repeat itself when she goes on a murderous rampage when the campers begin misbehaving in this horror sequel that is campy entertainment.

The show begins 8:30PM. Bring your brightest smiles, your shortest shorts, and prepare to camp until you die!

About Blumhouse’s Attack of the Queerwolves LGBTQ: The token queers at Blumhouse go through the horror canon to see where on the undead Kinsey scale your faves belong. Don’t be nervous: we’ve done this before. Hosted by Michael Kennedy, Nay Bever, Brennan Klein, and Sam Wineman!

“I like the out of the box approach — not too many 80s slashers focus mainly on the killer (an unmasked one at that), and was a rather unique way of more or less remaking the original film . . . while giving it its own identity. ” — Brian Collins, Horror Movie A Day

“Every good horror movie deserves a equel and the 80’s classic SLEEPAWAY CAMP has thankfully delivered a second helping. . . . Just as the original, the second installment of this movie has some really unique kills.” — Absolute Horror

“What saves this enterprise is its winking, self-referential (and self-mocking) quality, something that makes it a bit of a progenitor for later entries like the Scream [franchise]. . . . The fun of Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers is not in any putative character information, but in the nonchalant way Angela marauds her way through a series of boorish victims. On that level, this is one camp worth visiting.” — Jeffrey Kauffman,