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Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers

Harmony Korine’s hyper-drama Spring Breakers runs as part of our Neon Nightmares series.

A group of four bored college friends ache for their own spring break experience but don’t have the money to fund such a venture. After successfully holding up a diner together, the group follows their classmates to the beach for sex, drugs, and endless parties. Once they meet bad-boy rapper and drug dealer Alien (James Franco), their vacation spirals into an increasingly dangerous and unreal trip.

Nihilistic yet euphoric, Spring Breakers is a neon-drenched satire bathed in the bright lights of a Floridian spring.

“Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers is a visual delight. The 95 minute film feels like one giant montage that never ends.” – C.J. Prince, Way Too Indie

“This is Korine’s trick: he pulls the audience into the decadence of Spring Break before exposing its soulless underside.” – Jo-Anne Titmarsh, CineVue

“Harmony Korine’s latest feature is a lurid neon poem of a spring break road trip that descends into drugs, gang war, and pink balaclavas adorned with unicorns.” – Sophie Brown, Dazed and Confused