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Suspiria (1977)


Our Neon Nightmares series kicks off with Dario Argento’s giallo masterpiece Suspiria!

When young dancer Suzy (Jessica Harper) travels to attend a prestigious ballet school in Germany, she arrives on a late, stormy night. Instead of being let inside, she witnesses fellow student Pat (Eva Axén) fleeing from the school in a panic before she is mysteriously murdered. As more people die, Suzy finally uncovers the long, terrifying secret history of the place.

Bright, bloody, and vivid, Suspiria is a dazzling thriller that is as colorful as it is chilling.

“A beautiful bright fantasy that lives off its aesthetic.” – Evan Dossey, Midwest Film Journal

“Though ‘witch-run dance academy’ is certainly one of the best ideas for a movie ever to put to paper, it’s not the plot of Suspiria that makes it so wonderful so much as it is the look.” – Eliza C. Thompson, Cosmopolitan

“Suspiria is a baroque piece of esoteric expressionism that you enter – and exit – without understanding so much as feeling.” – Anton Bitel, Little White Lies