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Suspiria + The Cat o’ Nine Tails

Our Argent-o-Rama series concludes with the director’s supernatural masterpiece Suspiria and his thrilling second feature The Cat o’ Nine Tails!

Suspiria stars Jessica Harper as Suzy, an American dancer who travels to Germany to study ballet. She is admitted to her dream school but not before one of the students is found dead in an intricately grisly way. As Suzy explores the gorgeous but menacing house and its history, she comes across strange noises, stranger teachers, and a rapidly increasing body count.

In The Cat o’ Nine Tails, a newspaper reporter (James Franciscus) and a blind man who loves puzzles (Karl Malden) join forces to uncover the truth after a series of murders plague a pharmaceutical company. As the pair digs deeper, they kind themselves targets of the killer.

Both films will be presented in their original Italian.


“In Suspiria, Argento’s use of space, lighting, vivid colors, grandiose set pieces, and Goblin’s score create a masterclass in suspense and subliminal terror.” — Alex Arabian, Film Inquiry

“[The Cat o’ Nine Tails] is an entertaining and involving reminder of why Argento has long been recognized as one of the masters of the giallo thriller.” —Richard Propes, The Independent Critic