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Tammy and The T-Rex GORE CUT

Tammy and the T-Rex

Witness the greatest film ever made about Paul Walker’s brain getting placed inside a dinosaur, Tammy and The T-Rex, courtesy of American Genre Film Archive!

Tammy (Denise Richards) and Michael (Paul Walker) are high school sweethearts until a gang of punk misfits attack Michael and leave him for dead. After a series of bizarre events, a mad scientist finds Michael’s cadaver and transplants his brain into a robotic T-Rex. With his new dinosaur body, Michael seeks revenge against his high school tormenters and hopes to reunite with Tammy.

Mixed with the right blend of horror, comedy, and nostalgia, Tammy and the T-Rex is a cult hit that is fondly remembered by children of the 90’s.

Be sure to arrive early for an awesome introduction by Tammy fanatic and The Quiet Room director Sam Wineman!

We’ll be screening the R-rated gore cut, so make sure to leave the kids home!

Tammy and The T-Rex
Denise Richards in Tammy and The T-Rex.