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Tangerine/The Florida Project Double Feature

Take in the work of one of contemporary independent cinema’s finest craftsmen with a double feature of Sean Baker’s Tangerine and The Florida Project.

Famously shot entirely on an iPhone 5s, Tangerine centers around the lives of two trans prostitutes, Sin-Dee Rella (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) and Alexandra (Mya Taylor), who reunite after Sin-Dee finishes a 28-day prison sentence. After Alexandra accidentally spills that Sin-Dee’s boyfriend Chester (a pimp played by James Ransone) has been cheating on her while in prison, the two embark on a day-long odyssey all throughout Hollywood to find Chester, on the cusp of Christmas Day.

The Florida Project takes a peek into the lives of those living in a vast motel just miles away from Disney World. Six-year-old Moonee (played by Brooklynn Prince) exudes an endless amount of energy and imagination that transform the hardships endured by she and her mother Halley (Bria Vinaite) into a kingdom that is just as magical.

With both of these films, Baker and co-writer Chris Bergoch shed raw, intimate portraits of those left to suffer from the marginalization of American life and how despite the often traumatic depictions of that suffering, the importance of connection and the innocence of childhood allow a purely humanistic beauty to seep through both works. Tangerine and The Florida Project remain films that are distinctive in their approach, yet ceaselessly truthful in execution.

Tangerine will begin promptly at 7:10pm after some trailers, and The Florida Project will start after a 10 minute intermission at 9:00pm!


“Sun-baked Tangerine zips through with the raw power of an underground movie… The humour is streetwise and borders on pandemoniac, and the two leads, so nutty and yet so honest in their nuttiness, slowly grow on you.” — Kong Rithdee, Bangkok Post

“The Florida Project knocks down invisible dividing walls and tries to build empathetic connections between disparate human worlds in a way only cinema can.” — Joel Mayward, Cinemayward

“Baker makes films like no one else, and they are as vital to understanding America as anything you’ll see in this or most other years. It will win you with compassion and warmth, while simultaneously shaking you to your core.” — Steven Prokopy, Third Coast Review