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Teen Witch – Presented by Bombs Away!

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Join Bombs Away Show, the podcast that “celebrates” the Best of the Worst in cinema, as they conjure up Teen Witch on November 30th!

A coming of age film about witchcraft, high school hierarchies, and finding yourself through paranormal activity, this wild 80s romp is infamous for its cheesy story and random rap numbers. Now, 30 years after its original release, fans who grew up watching the movie on cable reruns will have the chance to see it on the big screen!

After the film, B-movie comedy podcast Bombs Away will be on hand to take the stage to discuss the film with the audience. Step into a themed event with a pre-show dedicated to all things Teen Witch, 80’s cheesiness and sorcery!

Tickets are $15 and include both the film and the post-screening podcast show!

Special Event. Frida Cinema comp passes and Member Ticket Discounts not accepted.

One Night Only — Saturday, November 30th at 8pm!

“A fantasy, comedy, romance, and musical all for the price of one, with such only-in-a-great-bad-movie treats as a ‘funky’ white rapper busting into rhyme every now and then.” – Michael Dequina,

“The unapologetic cheesiness and truly awful values of ‘Teen Witch’ is often so bad, and yet so damn charming to endure.” – Felix Vasquez, Jr., Cinema Crazed

Teen Witch
Teen Witch.