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Teen Witch

Have we really been doing the “Top That!” dance for 30 YEARS!? Director Dorian Walker’s 1989 cult classic comedy Teen Witch comes to The Frida on Saturday, November 30th!

Shy and unpopular teenager Louise (Robyn Lively) is enamored with Brad (Dan Gauthier), the star of the high-school football team, but her feelings are not reciprocated. One week before her birthday, she visits a psychic (Poltergeist’s Zelda Rubinstein) and is told she has latent, genetically-predisposed witch abilities that will blossom on her sixteenth birthday!  Soon she finds the information to be true, and uses her powers to gain the typical teen goals: popularity, revenge on cruel teachers and other meanies, the high-school football star — and a best friend who excels at random impromptu rap battles…

You’ve seen it on VHS – now see it on the big screen!

One Night Only — Saturday, November 30th at 8pm!

“A fantasy, comedy, romance, and musical all for the price of one, with such only-in-a-great-bad-movie treats as a ‘funky’ white rapper busting into rhyme every now and then.” – Michael Dequina,

“The unapologetic cheesiness and truly awful values of ‘Teen Witch’ is often so bad, and yet so damn charming to endure.” – Felix Vasquez, Jr., Cinema Crazed

Teen Witch