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Tenebrae + Phenomena

Argent-o-Rama continues with two of the director’s best known thrillers from the 1980s, Tenebrae and Phenomena!

Tenebrae follows American mystery writer Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) on a book tour in Rome. When a psychotic killer begins murdering people in a similar fashion to the crimes depicted in his latest novel, Neal teams up with local police to try to catch the killer.

Phenomena follows a young girl (Jennifer Connelly) sent off to a Swiss boarding school. Once there, she discovers that she can control insects telepathically and uses this power to track a serial killer terrorizing the area. Donald Pleasence (Halloween) and a razor blade-yielding chimpanzee add star power and shock in this cult favorite.

Both films will be presented in their original Italian.


Tenebrae is crammed with artsy camera work, intricate Rube Goldbergian death scenes, and a gruesome final reel where blood flows like the Tiber. — Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly

Phenomena’s paranormal obsessions are unlike anything you’ve ever seen—a retro-mystical tableaux of pulsating synthesizers and flying insects ready to do the bidding of their human master. — Ed Gonzalez, Slant Magazine