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The Burning + Madman

Get a double shot of ’80s horror with a double feature of The Burning and Madman, two cult classics of slasher cinema.

Based on an urban legend from New York, The Burning tells the tale of a garden shears-wielding maniac named Cropsey. Disfigured after a prank by some mischievous campers goes horribly wrong, Cropsey takes revenge on another group of teenagers at Camp Stonewater. Featuring an original score by Yes keyboardist Rick Wakeman, the movie also marks the feature film debut of Jason Alexander, Fisher Stevens, and Holly Hunter.

In Madman, a group of campers swap stories about Madman Marz, a deranged axe murderer who killed his family and then fled into the woods, where he supposedly waits for people to call his name so he can kill them. Dismissing the whole thing as a silly story, one of the campers calls Marz’s name, only for them all to learn that it’s far from just another campfire tale…


“Instead of recycling the sort of artificial showmanship that usually informed most of the violence in the early horror franchises, [The Burning] creates a convincing aesthetic.” – David Keyes,

“Anyone compiling a supercut of the slasher genre’s greatest hits would be wrong to exclude Madman’s super-creepy shot of the shaggy Marz silhouetted up in a tree.” – Noel Murray, Nashville Scene