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The Darjeeling Limited

The next stop in our Magnificent Andersons series is The Darjeeling Limited, a most unconventional road movie from Wes Anderson.

Following a common thread in Anderson’s oeuvre, the film is about the coming together of a nearly unraveled family. Prompted by their father’s passing and an itching existentialism, three estranged brothers reconnect on a train in India for a spiritual journey. Against the backdrop of a foreign country, Francis (Owen Wilson), Peter (Adrien Brody), and Jack (Jason Schwartzman) find themselves in the thick of strange sequences, dizzying realizations, buried truths, and emotional vulnerabilities.

While everything may not happen as planned, the brothers discover plenty of memorable stories and newfound respect for each other among the rich cultural tapestry of the Indian subcontinent.

“Wes Anderson transports his arch, pristine, melancholic sensibility to India, where three estranged brothers meet after their father’s death and hop a train in a quixotic attempt to heal their spiritual wounds.” – David Ansen, Newsweek

“This is a handsome, intriguing and subtly funny character study that almost leads to enlightenment.” – Andrew Collins, Radio Times

“While many people make films like Anderson, Anderson makes films like no one else.” – Barry Hertz, National Post