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The Evil Dead: 4K Restoration

Evil Dead

Join us for Sam Raimi’s beloved horror favorite The Evil Dead, restored in vivid 4K.

A group of young adults go to a small cabin in the middle of the woods for a fun getaway. Their adventure turns to terror after they discover the Necronomicon and inadvertently play a chant that resurrects demonic spirits. It’s up to Ash (Bruce Campbell) to save the others and survive the night against some unspeakably evil enemies.

Earning plaudits from none other than horror legend Stephen King, The Evil Dead is a campy classic that is as gory as it is comical.

“While injecting considerable black humor, neophyte Detroit-based writer-director Sam Raimi maintains suspense and a nightmarish mood in between the showy outbursts of special effects gore and graphic violence which are staples of modern horror pictures.” – Variety

“Horror masterpiece is gory, but silly.” – Common Sense Media

“…The most ferociously original horror film of the year…”Stephen King

The Evil Dead
Bruce Campbell as Ash in The Evil Dead.