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The Host

The Host poster

Our celebration of Director of the Month Bong Joon-Ho continues with his science fiction masterwork The Host. 

When a mutant creature emerges from the Han River in Seoul and begins terrorizing citizens, a young girl is taken captive by the beast. Desperate to save her before it’s too late, the family journeys through the quarantined area where the monster lurks to rescue her. At the same time, unrest brews across the country as the government weighs deploying a controversial chemical weapon against the creature.

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, The Host excels as both an entertaining monster movie and a thought-provoking piece of socio-political commentary.

“It wriggles with bioenergy and cinematic life.“ — Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

“When was the last time you saw a really good mutant monster movie? ‘The Host’ is the biggest commercial success in Korean cinema history and it’s easy to see why. A cross between ‘Godzilla‘ and ‘Jaws,’ it manages to be both truly scary and truly funny – sometimes all at once.“ — Peter Rainer, Christian Science Monitor

“This is a portrait of a country’s deepest anxieties, which just happen to be distilled into a mandibled squidlike reptile. It has the tang of social realism.” — David Edelstein, New York Magazine 

The Host
The Host.