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The House By The Cemetery w/ Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

Horrible Imaginings returns to co-present The House by the Cemetery, the last entry in Lucio Fulci’s Gates of Hell trilogy.

An old, decaying New England home, Oak Mansion houses a horrific secret. Looking to conduct research on old houses, Norman Boyle moves his family–Lucy, and their son Bob–away from New York City and into the aging mansion. But as the Boyles’ stay goes on and they dive deeper into the house and its history, horrific things start to happen to them.

A staple of splatter cinema, The House by the Cemetery is another delightfully grisly offering from The Godfather of Gore.


“…it would be grossly reductive, not to mention flat-out wrong, to dismiss the film as mere gore-delivery system.” – Budd Wilkins, Slant Magazine

“…at its heart a kind of ‘haunted house’ story—although coming from Lucio Fulci, audiences can expect buckets of gore that are rarely seen in that subgenre.” – Jason Coffman, Film Monthly

“Like its Gates of Hell predecessors, The House by the Cemetery does not shy away from carnage.” – Anya Stanley, Daily Grindhouse