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The House of the Devil: 10th Anniversary

House of the Devil

Join us for a special one-night-only screening of Ti West’s The House of the Devil in celebration of the film’s 10th anniversary!

Desperate college sophomore Sam accepts a strange job that takes her to a mansion deep in the woods. An older couple wants her to babysit their child, but there’s one small problem: there’s no child to babysit. As the night goes on and the lunar eclipse approaches, it becomes clear that Sam will have to put up a bloody fight if she hopes to make it out of the house alive.

Filled with dread, 80s hairstyles, and awesome performances from such indie horror favorites as Jocelin Donahue, AJ Bowen, Mary Woronov, and Dee Wallace, The House of the Devil is the perfect movie for the Halloween season!

“Made for those who have fond memories of low-key ’70s devil chillers that focused on mood and atmosphere.” – Scott Weinberg, The Horror Show

“The House of the Devil isn’t just a movie: it’s an experience. It joins the league of Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist and The Omen as one of the most diabolical entries in the modern horror library.” – Sean Edgar, Paste Magazine

“By trading in loud and increasingly low-dividend “shocks” for well-earned dread and fear, West immerses the audience in a genuine shared experience.” – Brian Holcomb, CinemaBlend

The House of the Devil
Mary Woronov in The House of the Devil.